Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why Humorous Motivational Speakers can Help to Unlock the Secret Powers of Motivation for Meeting Attendees?

Humorous Motivational Speakers Hold the Key
The factor that sets humorous motivational speakers apart from the rest of motivational speakers is – the power of humor. In these days of shorter attention spans, getting the ears of the meeting attendees itself is a difficult task, if not an impossible one. Executives now are bombarded with a glut of information on everything. Unless they hear something very interesting or funny they just do not pay attention.

So to make them sit up and really listen to a speaker is a job that only humorous motivational speakers achieve with ease. Of course, they work and practice hard to achieve this. The use of humor makes even the most apathetic participant in a meeting to take notice and join in the fun. Once there is interest shown by the meeting attendees the rest becomes easy.

What Humorous Motivational Speakers Do
Humorous motivational speakers use liberal doses of humor to lighten the entire meeting atmosphere. Their cheerful and funny talks bring out the meeting attendees out of their shells of defensiveness and make them amenable to suggestions.

The easy manners and friendly attitude of humorous motivational speakers help in developing a rapport with the audience instantly. These gurus of motivation slowly and effectively goad the participants to join them in the process of unlocking their own unrealized potentials.

Humor Works Well
Let’s face it – nobody loves to sit through a boring lecture, speech, or workshop. Chances are that while an ordinary motivational speaker rants off on a topic, the participants are mentally preparing their next sales call or even struggling to stay awake. Humor is the only factor that livens up the proceedings of a speech or seminar. Hearty laughter relaxes the mind and the body muscles. It gives the inner organs of the body nearly a work out that physical exercises can give. The audience instead of drifting away starts paying attention, because no one wants to miss out on a good joke.

And the humorous motivational speakers have plenty of such rib ticklers. They succeed in getting the attention of their audience and gradually bringing out the best from them. Their wisdom, insight in to the human psychology, and sense of humor helps in motivating the participants in raising the bar. They prod the participants with their motivational talks to increase the quality as well quantity of their productivity.
At the end of a humorous motivational session the audience gets completely motivated and learns how to motivate themselves as well as others using the principles enunciated by the humorous motivationa

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