Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Funny Motivational Speaker

Here are the Five Reasons

Training in a Relaxed and Joyous Atmosphere:

Business meetings and training sessions are usually conducted in a highly charged atmosphere putting pressure on the already under-pressure participants. Therefore, the first thing a funny motivational speaker does when conducting a workshop is: creating a relaxed atmosphere. He starts off with a funny incident or a joke that instantly melts down any stress that the participants might be having on their part.

Thus, a funny motivational speaker sets the tone for a fun filled training session. He is an expert in creating a friendly and pleasant training atmosphere.

Lively Humor Helps in Effective Training:

Training sessions are often boring if not interspersed with healthy humor. The participants either do not pay much attention or are eagerly waiting for the lunch or coffee break. But a funny motivational speaker promptly attracts the undivided attention of the participants through the use of humor, because normally people do not want to miss a good joke and the opportunity to laugh. Instead of drifting away or stifling yawns, participants pay attention to what a funny motivational speaker is saying. They instantly get interested and involved in the training, eagerly waiting for the next humorous anecdote or story.

Promotes Scope for Openness:

The funny motivational speaker wins the confidence of the audience because of his unobtrusive and easy manner of training. He respects the professional trainees for their capabilities and yet seeks permission for their improvement and involvement. Training becomes easier as the participants in the training session come forward to express their problems and shortcomings to an uncritical mentor, thus giving him enough scope to motivate them in the right direction and help remove their shortcomings.

Rare Breed:

Funny motivational speakers are a rare breed of people that combine the power of speaking and a little bit of acting to make listeners laugh as well as drive pertinent points regarding motivation.

They inspire the audience with their wisdom and insight. Human psychology, information about the latest trends, and traditional wisdom they combine these all to provide potent motivational and morale boosters.

Improving the Bottom Line Profits:

Yes, hiring a funny motivational speaker can improve the bottom line profits. Corporate America invests billions of dollars in training as training is effective in improving the bottom line profits. The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) supports this claim.

And if training succeeds in improving bottom line profit of a company, the safest bet is to hire a funny motivational speaker, for laughter is the best medicine including corporate ailments.

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