Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lighten The Load With Laughter – How Hiring A Motivational Humorous Speaker Can Increase Employee Productivity!

Imagine this scenario: your job stress has been mounting. Deadlines are fast approaching, you have to hire a motivational humorous speaker for an upcoming meeting, you feel like your boss doesn’t appreciate you, and you’re having personal problems at home. Sometimes the burdens of work and life can feel overwhelming. The good news is that there is a way to lighten your load while trying to hire a motivational humorous speaker. What miracle aid helps you and your employees through transitions, teaches you to manage stress, and helps with an over-all sense of well-being? Humor.

Thus enters the motivational humorous speaker. Many workplace seminars while informative and helpful to your job, can be dry, boring and feel like a waste of your valuable, and sometimes scarce, time. Using humor, the motivational humorous speaker teaches important skills with humor, but also teaches ways to incorporate humor into your personal and work life, as well.

Motivational humorous speakers provide the opportunity to learn, relax and release in a humorous atmosphere. Rather than simply speaking before a group on a specific topic, the motivational humorous speaker is able to incorporate humor into the lesson and provide insight through the joys of laughter.

Many challenges can be conquered with the use of humor and by hiring a motivational humorous speaker. What better way to spend the day than learning an important message through humor and laughter? There are links between job stress and overall happiness. Stress affects a person’s health as well as job performance. A motivational humorous speaker can lighten the worker’s load in two ways: by increasing their immediate happiness as well as improving job satisfaction.

When a motivational speaker uses humor to enlighten they can teach problem solving skills. Using humor in a presentation can also teach workers to use it on their own in the future—whether for public speaking, job performance, relations with other workers, or stress release. Humor can also be used as a catalyst to change, easing the burdens of transition.

Humor has mental, physically and social benefits. Laughter has been found to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance the immune system. Humor can be useful in managing stress as well as aiding in conflict resolution, team building and employee motivation.

The motivational humorous speaker teaches through humor—thus lightening your load—one laugh at a time.

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