Saturday, October 31, 2009

Laugh For The Health Of IT And Hire A Motivational Humorous Speaker!

Motivational humorous speakers are just that, funny speaking professionals who entertain a crowd. As performers their job is to organize what they’re going to say and then to deliver the lines to the audience in an entertaining, energetic fashion. Still they need a way to find gigs in which to perform. This is where the meeting planners become so essential to the motivational humorous speaker.

The meeting planners are the proper business types- always on the move, constantly talking on their cell phones, putting through a sale and no doubt organizing their next meeting conference. Hired by businesses it is their job to find a meeting place that fits the goals and style of the organization they are helping. From the very beginning they sit down with the company and talk about what is needed before putting the plan into action, locating the conference rooms, alongside setting up lodgings, food, beverages, telecommunications, presentation tools and the most important element of the process, hiring the right the speaker- in this case a humorous speaker.

Therefore, the motivational humorous speaker relies on the meeting planner to find work. However, there is much more to it than that. Like a film director relying on the business sense of a producer to provide an environment in which he can create, the speaker and planner develop a similar bond. There is nothing worse to a motivational humorous speaker’s confidence than a room full of miserable faces after he’s told a joke and nothing more damaging to his career than humor inappropriate to the audience in front of him. Nevertheless, all this is avoided if the speaker gives his heart and soul to the meeting planner, more or less putting himself in his hands. In other words, the planner needs to know the speakers persona as a performer. Therefore if the motivational humorous speaker is the attraction to a conference the planner can work the perfect venue to fit his style- doesn’t like people sitting to close to you when you perform. - Well we’ll make sure there moved back 10 feet. If the occasion is more important, the planner will choose the speaker according to who he thinks meets the events specifications.
Remember a motivational humorous speaker is only there to provide entertainment and half of the battle, as any comedian will tell you, is having an audience who feel comfortable enough in their environment to want to enjoy themselves.

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