Monday, July 13, 2009

Humorous Motivational Speakers Can Add More Than Laughter To Your Next Meeting, If You Ask The Right Questions!

The process of hiring a Humorous Motivational Speaker for your next meeting or event can be a daunting task. In today’s politically correct work environment choosing the right Humorous Motivational Speaker that can add appropriate and relevant humor can be a challenge.

The ideal Humorous Motivational Speaker you hire should have proven expertise in the speaking business and an exceptional command of the spoken word and humor. There are several questions you can ask the speaker to minimize any questions you have before you hire them, they are:

1.) Is the speaker a member of the National Speakers Association –NSA or the International Federation of Professional Speakers – IFFPS.
2.) How many paid presentations has the Humorous Motivational Speaker provided for your specific industry or association.
3.) Has the Humorous Motivational Speaker ever missed a speech and if so, does he have a backup speaker in case of bad weather or airplane mechanical problems.
4.) Does the Humorous Motivational Speaker have a pre-program questionnaire that asks detailed questions about your company or association so they can truly customize their program to speak to your issues and challenges?
5.) Does the Humorous Motivational Speaker have a video demo of their speech that you can view?
6.) Does the Humorous Motivational Speaker have several testimonial letters from past satisfied clients that you can contact?

If you ask these simple, yet thorough questions, you can mitigate your risk when hiring a Humorous Motivational Speaker and have a truly successful event with lots of laughs!

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