Saturday, March 21, 2009

Motivational Humorous Speakers Make Meetings Memorable

Have you ever been to a company or association meeting that was so dry that you thought you were in a sauna? Your next meeting or event can be fun, informative and motivating, if you decide to hire a motivational humorous speaker. Most professional motivational humorous speakers are members of The National Speakers Association – (NSA) or The International Federation For Professional Speakers – (IFFPS). These two organizations have stringent membership requirements and a code of professional conduct that its’ members must adhere to in order to maintain their good standing and membership.

The best way to find a motivational humorous speaker is through the internet, using any of the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. You can simply search on the keyword motivational humorous speaker and presto, there are some of the best motivational humorous speakers in America today. The next step is to click on go to their web site. Most motivational humorous speakers will have streaming video of one of their more recent and most popular programs. You should also ask for references to contact to ensure that the motivational humorous speaker is reputable, does his research and is priced fairly for the value and content delivered. You also want to be sure that the motivational humorous speaker has a back-up presenter, in the unlikely event that they miss their flight or are ill.

When you decide to call a motivational humorous speaker that you like, you want to ask a series of direct and pointed questions to be sure that the motivational humorous speaker is a good fit for your organization and event. Some specific questions you can ask are:

-How long have they been a member of the National Speakers Association?
-How long have they been speaking professionally?
-Why should you hire them?
-Can they send you a press package and include a video or DVD of their speech and include testimonial letters?

If you are deliberate in asking pointed questions of the motivational humorous speakers you want to hire. It can mitigate your risk of not finding the right motivational humorous speaker for your event and you can truly motivate, inspire and delight your meeting attendees’ at your next event.

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